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       Angie Wonders

          Book Series for Girls       

 Are you looking to engage your daughter's thoughts of being a scientist?

An engineer? Or exploring the STEM fields when she grows up?

  Is she inquisitive and curious? 

You need to nurture and grow these thoughts by sharing the inspiration of    

Angie Wonders with her today.

The Angie Wonders children's book series was written to 

help little girls discover and explore their worlds.

The book series will introduce and inspire your little girl into the worlds 

of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.



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What people are saying about Angie Wonders...

Faithful Reader

(Amazon Review)

Awesome...I read this one to one of my little nieces and she fell in love with it. This is an awesome read for little girls!! Great job to the author!

D. Lamberti

A true 5-star book; beautifully written and illustrated. You'll love learning through Angie's adventures. We cannot wait to see whats's next.     A must-read.


My niece wants me to read it over and over again. Looking forward to the next one!

Amazon Customer

Thank you for allowing our young girls to feel empowered with this story. It was really cool to see the areas for the little scholars  to write/respond.